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Default Re: BUG: 9742 Beta, 8800 GTS, Xserver crash Due to seg fault in NV driver

Should have clarified... This problem occurs in the 7900GTX as well. Also occurs in the 7600 GS, and we have used these cards in the 8774/6 driver series.

As for the application, I believe we had talked about it before but I was not sure that it was an nvidia issue then. I am using OpenGL code to perform FFTs via the GPU. If I had access to the CUDA sdk this might not be a problem (hint hint) but for now, it is a problem. I believe that my FFT code actually completes before the system goes down, based on the output I can see before the screen goes blank. After this FFT code (C++), the function returns to soem FORTRN 77 code to do some other work on the data.
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