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Default Re: Geforce Go 7950 GTX stability problems

Originally Posted by netllama
I'd like to see your screenshot.
I attached it to the earlier message now. I was cropping it so it fits withing the size limits imposed on attachments here - that is just the left side of the whole screenshot - but the rest of the screenshot has nothing new.

Originally Posted by netllama
When I had asked whether the problem reproduces with an official debian kernel, I was referring to the kernel, not Debian's repackaging of the nvidia X driver. You can always install the official nvidia driver package with any kernel.
It does appear on official 2.6.19-rc6. I have not tested on the latest 2.6.18 - if you want that it takes me a while to compile it.

Edit: Oh sorry, I misunderstood your last message - yes it does not work on 2.6.18-2-686 debian official kernel with the nvidia kernel module compiled via module-assistant.
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