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Default No 3D acceleration after upgrades

I updated from FC5 to FC6. Also, I previously was using 8776 driver(in FC5) and instead tried the newer 9629 driver.

There were no errors with the driver installation. 2D works fine, nothing 3D accelerated works. Either I get a black screen or the application just immediately exits.

I've updated all packages that had available updates, running kernel 2.6.18-1.2849.

SELinux is in permissive mode.

Pentium 4 3 Ghz processor(800 Mhz FSB)
GeForce 4 Titanium 4200 AGP8 128 Mb

Attached dmesg info.


After the upgrade I played around a little with some things. Originally, there were no kernel sources installed. I installed those, but noticed there were multiple rpm's for the same kernel listed, one i586, one i686. I figured I needed the i686. However, I noticed the i586 kernel rpm was installed. So, I installed that one to be the same. I ran the nvidia installer and it had one error saying a symbolic link was wrong, however it said it successfully completed the install. Same issue as mentioned above. I tried the older driver, and it wouldn't build at all. I then decided to try to change the kernel rpm installed to the i686 version. I did that. I then installed the i686 kernel sources to go with it, removing the other sources. So, now the 9629 builds with no errors apparently, but still no 3D acceleration.

I've searched these forums but was unable to find an identical situation. I found some confusing information regarding "legacy" drivers. I had no issues with the previous driver 8776 running in FC5 which I think I actually was running the same kernel as I am now in FC6.

If someone could enlighten me, I'd appreciate it. Guesses, although possibly helpful, are less desirable to known solutions for this issue.
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