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Default Re: No 3D acceleration after upgrades

Originally Posted by netllama
This is a known bug in 1.0-9629 which impacts NV2x GPUs (and has been discussed on several other threads on this forum). This bug will be resolved in the next driver release. The current workaround is to downgrade to an older driver.
Ok, I'm willing to believe this. However, I can't get the old driver to build. It used to previously in FC5. Now, it won't. 8776 won't build. This shouldn't be a result of an issue with the 9629 driver.

I uninstalled the 9629 driver with the --uninstall flag, then upon trying to install 8776 I get an error that the installer cannot build it and it exits.

I've attached the new log file. Any idea why this is occuring?
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