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Default Re: Geforce Go 7950 GTX stability problems

Originally Posted by netllama
I tracked down a notebook with a GeForce Go 7950 GTX, and didn't run into any corruption while X was running. This problem appears to be specific to your environment/notebook. Unfortunately, I do not have any Rock laptops here to test with.
Thanks for looking into it.

Originally Posted by netllama
With respect to the instability, if you could isolate it down to specific applications or reproduction steps, I could look into that further.
Actually, I now have some clue to what might be going on.

I have windows installed on this laptop as well - and I tried some driver versions on the Windows side. Obviously, none of the nVidia publicly provided drivers would accept to install on a Geforce Go 7950 GTX laptop - but I used the modded .inf files from to force them to install.

All of the windows drivers I tried exhibited the same display corruption as the linux drivers did - except it was much worse, I couldn't even get to the desktop most of the time. But the drivers from the manufacturer work smoothly.

Which brings me to think that there is something special in the drivers I get from the manufacturer that make them work with the graphics card in this laptop. The drivers say to be of version 86.14 and they are available here:

Now, if I can find out what's special in those drivers and replicate that on the linux side - I think I could make this work.

Any help would obviously be greatly appreciated.
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