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Default Re: Edgy Eft & FX5200 monitor/TV goes into standy/blank with GDM

for what it's worth, i had all kinds of problems with edgy trying to set up a mythfrontend only box with triple head on dual FX5500s. my backend box runs ok for the most part with edgy, so i left it alone, but i reverted back to dapper with a fresh install on my main box with also runs mythfrontend. honestly, this box has never run better. edgy was nothing but a huge pain that was just barely functional (from a fresh install, no less)

unless you have to run edgy for some reason, i DEFINITELY recommend a fresh install of dapper. from there, the nvidia driver and mythtv are fairly simple to install from apt-get and config.

i don't know what happened or why ubuntu made some of the strange choices for edgy that they did... but i'm sticking with dapper again if the next rls is that screwy.

feel free to pm me if you do revert to dapper and have problems installing mythtv.
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