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Default A few problems with 9742 Beta and 8800 GTS


I just got a new 8800 GTS, and thus I'm forced to use the beta drivers. I know these aren't released and fully bug free yet, but I hope it's OK if I report my problems anyway :-)

#1) No 1600x1200 for me.

I have a dual monitor setup, one LCD at 1600x1200 and one LCD at 1280x1024. Both connected through DVI. My main problem is that the 1600x1200 mode is rejected for the 1600x1200 monitor, and instead I get 1280x1024 on both monitors.

I'm no expert at reading EDID debug data, but I believe my monitor is reporting 1600x1200@60Hz as a valid mode and the max 162MHz pixel clock sounds right.

I had no problems with this setup on a 7600GT and the 8774 nvidia drivers Ubuntu Edgy has packaged up.

I also tried the following mode validation overrides: NoMaxPClkCheck, NoEdidMaxPClkCheck, NoVertRefreshCheck, but the 1600x1200 mode is still rejected.

I'm not sure why this mode is rejected, and I can't really figure it out from the log file. Help in interpreting it would be appreciated!

# 2) Restarting the X server or switching to a VT causes system crash.

After running an X-server, if I exit it or switch to a VT the system becomes unresponsive and nothing is shown on my monitors. I had to SysRq-SUB my way out of it.

# 3) Installation fails due to Ubuntu using dash.

the "if [ "$RET" == "0" ];" line in isn't understood by my shell. Removing one of the '=':s seems to fix it for dash.

I've attached a nvidia-bug-report.log for my mode problem.
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