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Default Re: Is hibernate fixed with new (9629) nVIDIA drivers?

Originally Posted by cement_head
I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 (DD) + Dell I8100 laptop with a GeForceGo2 card.

Suspend (SUSPEND-TO-RAM) works with the 8762 (repository) drivers, but hibernate (SUSPEND-TO-DISK) does not. Does anyone know if the new linux 9629 drivers solve this problem?

I friend of mine got hibernation to work with the 8776 drivers on a Sony VIAO laptop using Dapper Drake. Interestingly, he did NOT have hibernate installed. It looks as if the nvidia driver was unloaded last. Since he wasn't modifying the hibernate script (because he didn't have one). I have to assume that the driver is hibernate capable. I'll find out which nVidia card he has and post it.

I guess APM was controlling the suspend-to-DISK.
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