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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Paper launch of GF256: October 1999
gfsdr->gfddr was more like 2-3 months
SDR Reviews: November 1999
DDR Reviews: January 2000

gf1->gf2 was 6 months not 1 year

Launch of GF2 GTS: April 2000
gf2gts->gf2ultra was more like 4-5 months
GTS Reviews: April/May 2000
Ultra Launch/Reviews(?): August 2000

stop spreading FUD
Launch dates (to the best of my knowledge):

NV2 (Riva128): Mid Fall 97

NV2-ZX (Riva128ZX): February 98
TNT: Mid Fall 98

~ 5 months to "refresh part," roughly one year to new architecture.

TNT2: March 99
NV10 (GF256): August 99

~ 6 months to "refresh part," rougly one year to new architecture.

GF256DDR: December 99
NV15 (GF2 GTS): April 00

~ 4 months to "refresh part," rougly 8 months to new architectures (debateable).

NV16 (GF2 Ultra): August 00
NV20 (GF3): March 01

~ 4 months to "refresh part," roughly 11 months to new architecture.

NV20-Ti (GF3-Ti): October 01
NV25 (GF4): February

~ 7 months to "refresh part," roughly 11 months to new architecture.

NV28 (??): September?
NV30 (??): January?

~ 7 months to "refresh part," roughly 11 months to new architecture.

NVIDIA historically takes roughly a year between new core architectures (NV10 to NV15, NV15 to NV20, NV20 to NV25, NV25 to NV30). What makes you think they'll be able to make the next core in only four months??
Show me the FUD. I stated that NVIDIA's "six month release" consisted of: clock bumped or memory improved part after six months, new core based on same basic architecture rougly a year later, and nearly two years between DX versions (for the past several chips).

The only variation was between the GF256 and GF2 GTS generations, but that's almost a refresh of the GF256. In that case (one out of seven), I was mistaken. It was closer to 3/4 of a year, not a year between core architectures.

Based on this trend, you can expect the NV30 Ti probably four months after the NV30 launch (March-April timeframe) and the NV35 late next year.

People who think the NV35 will show up this spring are simply deluding themselves. That was my point.
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