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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce Go 7600

Originally Posted by zander
Does this also happen with the 1.0-8776 NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver release?

yes Zander .. it also happens with the 8776 drivers.. this time the error hexadecimal was:

login: NVRM: RmInitAdapter failed (0x31 :0xffffffff :988)

.. however.. this time..

1. while i was rebooting .. when gui went off and saw the command line that shows the reboot routine.. I saw somewhere (it was too fast!) the name of my Nvidia GeForce 7600 for the first time.
2. I still didn't run nvidia-settings cause it was taking ages to install gtk+-2 and all its dependencies.. therefore I edited the XF86Config manually..

Is the nvidia-settings essential to be run?
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