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So... Here what youy should do:

1. Press Alt+Ctrl+F1
2. Enter root login and password.
3. Then print this in command line:
[root@localhost ~]# ps -A | grep kdm
then when you see two lines with:
"number" then some letters...
"number (other)" then some other letters...
[root@localhost ~]#

then print:
[root@localhost ~]# kill -s KILL "number(the 1st)"
you'll close KDM, but you'll not see that.

Then print:

[root@localhost ~]# ps -A | grep X
"number" letters - YOU'LL SEE IT
[root@localhost ~]# kill -s KILL "number (that was on the previous line)"


[root@localhost ~]# cd (directory where nvidia-installer is situated)
[root@localhost ~]# sh NV*
now go on...
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