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Default MMORPG Recommendation Please - Quite Long

Hi Guys,

Im looking for a new game to try and fill what is most likely a very picky set of preferences. I dont really rate my chances but well, the combined knowledge of this board will hopefully find it should my holy grail exist


Star Wars Galaxies - (From launch -> Combat patch), EVE Online - beta test and after for a bit, Everquest II (At release - quit rather soon after), Guild Wars and finally World of Warcraft (launch -> 2 years).

What I liked in the games.

SWG - The way you owned your own home, player cities, business'. Just the whole social side of the game

Eve - errrm.... The diversity of skills allowing you to pretty much be what you wanted to be... wasnt overly impressed by the no matter how much work you put in you never catch someone starting before you though. Oh and Dying is actually a bad thing, yet not totally crippling aslong as you took the correct precautions (insurance / clone). So you fear it, but dont hate it so much you stop playing

Everquest II - Finally a game that gets my idea of a Ranger! Then I got hit with the no solo, no PvP even though they had two perfectly opposed factions ripe for useage

Guild Wars - ...... it was free... yea, thats about it.

WoW - The combat system with cooldowns and a large number of abilities as opposed to the combat queue or limitation on "active" abilities like SWG and Guild wars. Also the general principal of a PvP server, Friendly, Contested and Hostile territorys (Although I still maintain they screwed this over with honor and BGs)

So to summerise whats turned into a rather long rant, the features I would like in a game.

1. Some social content, obviously not to the scale of SWG but something to do other then goto X instance with Y amount of people and bash stuff. People interraction basically. I want to know the players around me other then Their X class with Y skills and are good at slaying NPCs...

2. A PvP system that is more then just Duels and miniture arena fights. But also preferably not something like a WoW battlefield. I guess "World PvP" sums it up best, so you can use the surroundings and some actual brain power.

3. The abiltity to do stuff on my own, obviously not expecting to do everything this way. But if i log on at 1am and all my friends are offline i dont want to have to sit there bored. Example being end game WoW, oh what can i do till raid time........ yes, exactly.

Im not too bothered about era, Fantasy, Sci Fi, whatever.

Hopefully someone was bored enough to read all that lot and id be grateful for any suggestions.
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