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Default Re: MMORPG Recommendation Please - Quite Long

... Dont even try and tempt me back to WoW.

Wait 20 hours of the day for the 4 hour raid to the same boring place where most classes are locked into X, Y, Z talent build.

Or... randomly run around a Battleground getting "owned" by the premade team on the other side. Make my own premade? oh wait that means sitting around waiting for those people i have to raid with to be online again...

Get marshal gear? why? i have full Tier 2. WoW is dead for me, dont even try.

Thats not aimed at you by the way, thats me ranting at the crap of a game i wasted 2 years on.

Had a look at vanguard, seems the building and social system is there. The solo thing is there even if its leveling the crafting side of things. And they mention PvP servers of varying rulesets. So i guess thats the game im aiming at, just would be nice to find something to occupy me in the mean time as I am insanely bored.
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