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Thumbs up Sometimes A Good Way To Fix A PC Is To Go To Bed

While falling off to sleep last night an idea occurred to me; why not try restoring the PC to a previous state before I started having problems?

This morning I tried that first thing. I restored the PC to the state it was in on November 4. And it worked.

- Now my Nvidia supported graphics are sharp and snappy.
- Pages appear and scroll instantly or as expected.
- And my favorite games are working again!

Restoring to an earlier point evidently restored a Microsoft signed Nvidia driver I had apparently erased when trying to resolve my ATI card problems. The newer (and older) drivers I tried evidently won't work with my HP Pavilion 514n system.

So now I humbly take back all the bad things I said about Nvidia. If I get a new PC with my expected tax returns it will now likely include a shiny new Nvidia card.

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Finally, don't ever buy another PNY card. They aren't very good quality, and their support is terrible. Around here, we recommend BFG Technologies or eVGA. Good luck.
Thank you for that very good advice. I shall observe it.
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