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Default Re: nvidia driver vs livna driver

Though "damage" is too strong a word for my taste, the post is accurate. Nvidia created a generic installer that 'should' work with the majority of distros out there. It does appear that they put more effort into installing than uninstalling, but that's their perogative. Consider the Nvidia installer a "reference implementation" of the installer. You should always use your distro specific installer to add and remove third party driver files.

Your options are as follows:

1: Troubleshoot the kmod-nvidia installation
Have you tried finding the nvidia.ko? Have you tried to modprobe nvidia? Have you -v verbosed the yum install to see where the files are being placed?

2: If you have no intention of ever un-installing the NVidia card, you could use the Nvidia supplied driver, and simply "deal" with the uninstallation in the manner described in the referenced post.

3: Make your own rpm, file a nvidia bug report on the nvidia installer, write a patch to the nvidia installer, etc.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo
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