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The real innovation in Xegl is NOT the eye-candy you get with rotating cubes etc.

The real innovation is, in fact, that it proposes a new graphics driver model for linux that is cleanly layered: You've got a hardware driver, and above that you can have an X server, or any other OpenGL application.

This is why I don't support the position that NVIDIA hold in their abovementioned PDF document. OpenGL eye-candy IS JUST NOT THE POINT.

With Xegl and it's foundations, you won't be tied to X anymore as a windowing system, nor will you have to install a windowing system if you just need accelerated graphics, nor will your system crash when you switch between a framebuffer text console and the X server.
It is about time for Xegl on Linux, and the eye-candy just helps to build up some pressure by the user community on the developers and hardware vendors to define a clean interface for this...
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