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That's about what I expect too, regardless of the features and performane nV30 bring with it. It fits pretty well with nVidia's track record that the immediate follow-on to nV30 would be a clock bumped, slightly massaged core Ti/Ultra series release, which would also address some of the nV30 chip errata. This was what happened with practically every chip they've released since the TNT1 first came out, though I'd tend to think of GF3, GF3Ti, GF4 as having done the massaging/fixing twice on one revision instead of the usual one revision then the new tech.. (I think it was most likely because the GF3 was itself a downscaling of the XGPU tech, and the GF3Ti's were a stopgap, since the market still didn't need the full GF4 capabilities at that point, though it was already completed. This also would have given them more time for the nV3x work, which was rumored to have been ready for tape-out late last year / early this year, but we all know how that's going now..)
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