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Default sn41g2 sound problems


I am the owner of one of the new Shuttle Xpc cases, called the sn41g2. I am still very new to linux, but am trying to get comfortable with it to use mythTV.

I've installed Suse 8.1 linux on my machine, and then I installed the nforce 0248 drivers. At first, only the network and USB would work, I couldn't get my sound to work. I've been tinkering with it over the past week or so, and I've managed to get the sound to work sorta now. When I reboot my machine (or just boot up) I have no sound. I then have to type "modprobe nvaudio" and the driver gets loaded. I have to exit KDE, and when I log back into KDE, I now magically have sound. Unfortunately, whenever I reboot the machine, I lose the sound again, and I have to manually load the driver. Why does the driver not stick around after reboot?

As I understand it, this is what the modules.conf file is for, and I do have it properly set up now. This is what my modules.conf has inside:

alias eth0 nvnet
alias sound-slot-0 nvaudio
alias usb-interface usb-ohci

The readme.txt file that came with the drivers were a little bit wrong. I had to change the second line from:
a) alias sound-slot-1 i810_audio
b) alias sound-slot-0 nvaudio

Now, the drivers will load up when I manually type modprobe nvaudio. However, I would like the sound to initialize when I boot up my machine! I have run the depmod -ae program.

Does anybody have any clues?!?

Thanks in advance!

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