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Default Re: nvidia driver vs livna driver

Thanks for the reply. Now I kind of know the reason of error of "Module nvidia not found". My PC is 64-bit, dual-processor, it has "smp" kernel. The "kmod-nvidia" installation did not find the fitting module for it. The correct installation should be "kmod-nvidia-smp", but it also did not find the matching module. It seems "" does not have the nvidia-smp module.
Now, I may have two option:
(1) install non-smp kernel, and install kmod-nvidia. Will this hurt the performance of video card (I have quadro FX 4500, it is a ultra high end, and I would like to optimize its performance) since I have dual processors?
(2) find the nvidia-smp module in I think it is in the ".run" driver file. Can I "sh --extractonly" and locate the module? What will be the name of the module? How do I put it in my FC5 system?
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