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Thumbs down What about nvidia's cursor problem ?


CPU : AMD 64X2 3800+
MB : ASUS M2NPV-VM ( I use integrated graphic card and FB to 256Mo )
Distrib : FC6
Nvidia's drivers : 9xxx

My simple test :
With HWCURSOR => no cursor 1 time over 10.
With SWCURSOR => cursor OK

But when I run COMPIZ I need to use HWCURSOR because of graphic bug with cursor.

I'd already post this question, but the only anwser I get is "change your bios ... it's a common bug ..."

I want to know why nvidia's graphics card hide my cursor !

for nvidia-bug-report, see this post :

Someone can explain me why this cursor disappear with hwcursor, and why with swcursor when I run compiz it's buggy.

thank to help me.
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