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Default 8776 XVMC dvd Playback Choppy

In both mplayer and xine, I've attempted to playback a DVD using the xvmc video output driver and in both cases the video is highly choppy!

I'm using the geforce 6600 PCIe, and when I export XVMC_DEBUG=2 and watch the xine output, it reports errors of not being able to allocate AGP DMA (for obvious reasons), and instead allocated a framebuffer DMA. Is this the proper functionality for xvmc under these conditions?

Mplayer reports that my PC is too slow to play back the DVD, however it is perfectly fine with the xv video output driver.


I receive this error when trying to use the -vo xxmc output driver.

video_out_xxmc: ERROR: Accelerated surface allocation failed.
video_out_xxmc: You are probably out of framebuffer memory.
video_out_xxmc: Falling back to software decoding.

xvmc is in slow motion and xxmc fails to work.

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