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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce Go 7600

the whole X log is attached to the post...however few lines of interest in chronological order:

(--) PCI:*(1:0:0) nVidia Corporation unknown chipset (0x0398) rev 161, Mem @ 0xd1000000/24, 0xc0000000/28, 0xd0000000/24, I/O @ 0x2000/7

(II) LoadModule: "glx"
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/
(II) Module glx: vendor="NVIDIA Corporation"
compiled for 4.0.2, module version = 1.0.8762
Module class: X.Org Server Extension
ABI class: X.Org Server Extension, version 0.1
(II) Loading extension GLX

(WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1280x1024"; removing.
(II) NVIDIA(0): Validated modes:
(II) NVIDIA(0): "1024x768"
(II) NVIDIA(0): "800x600"
(II) NVIDIA(0): "640x480"
(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 1024 x 768

(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1024x768"
(II) Loading extension NV-GLX
(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA 3D Acceleration Architecture Initialized
(II) NVIDIA(0): Using the NVIDIA 2D acceleration architecture
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