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Default ASUS P1-AH2 / M2N8L mobo: onboard network card problems

I'm having serious problems getting the onboard network card to work on this thing. I've tried installing FC5, FC6, Suse 10.1 and now RHEL 4 u4 x86_64, all with the same results, the onboard network adapter is recognized but fails to start. Here's what the output looks like in the boot log:

ifup: Determining IP information for eth0...
ifup: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Function not implemented
ifup: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Function not implemented
ifup: failed.
network: Bringing up interface eth0: failed

I've set the acpi=off, I've turned off and unplugged the system for 20 seconds to flush anything that may be cached, tried using the stock drivers, then tried using the drivers supplied for RHEL 4 u3 x86_64 all with the same result. I'm also seeing this same error on Suse 10.1, FC5 and others. None of them are able to bring up eth0. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


ASUS P1-AH2 / AM2 socket w/ 4200+ X2
2GB RAM (tested overnight with memtest)
100 GB IDE drive
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