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Default Re: MMORPG Recommendation Please - Quite Long

Maybe you could answer something for me, Pitt. I would be willing to try EQ II, but it seems like you need to buy a bunch of expansion packs in order to play! What do you recommend to people you are getting into the game? Is there really an expectation that they buy all the expansion sets in order to be successful in the game? Do guilds ask you if you have all the expansions before they will admit you? Seems like a big cost to get started, not to mention the monthly fee. And, EQ seems to always be coming out with yet another expansion every couple months. How do you keep up with the costs?

While I have your attention, could you talk about downtime? One thing that bothered me about WoW was the announced emergency maintenance crashes and the weekly 1/2-3/4th day scheduled outage. I found it very unacceptable. How is EQ II?
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