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Default Re: What about nvidia's cursor problem ?

Originally Posted by netllama
This sounds like a BIOS bug that I've seen others report. In most cases updating to the latest BIOS, and configuring the amount of RAM/frambuffer allocated to the GPU (in the BIOS) fixed the problem.
I've the latest version of my bios and the most important amount of FrameBuffer allocated to the GPU.

I mail this message to (some new information) :
Description of the Bug :

in normal use of metacity :
With HWCURSOR => no visible cursor
With SWCURSOR => cursor OK

when I run compiz :
With HWCURSOR => no visible cursor
With SWCURSOR => cursor visible bug with some graphics bug

My solution, a really boring solution :

1. run metacity with swcursor.
2. change xorg.conf file to hwcursor.
3. run gdm-restart.

Magicaly i can get a visible cursor with hwcursor's mode and with compiz it's ok too.

but when I restart my computer in hwcursor .... problem be back and i can't see my cursor.
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