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Default Performance artifacts on GeForce 4 440Go driver 9629 and some hopefully useful hints


It's been a long way to finally get my card to work properly (laptop Toshiba Satellite 5100-503).

NV17 Geforce 4 440Go 32MB
Pentium 4M 1,8GHz
512MB DDR 7.1.1
nvidia 1.0-9629
KDE 3.5.5

At first, I got the black screen issue described in many threads here, and I found out that the card was detecting a ghost CRT monitor, and assumed it was the primary display to use (which was wrong because only the DFP is connected).
The only workaround I found to be effective was to add to the Device Section:

Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-0"

Then, the specified modes/resolutions were all discarded, the driver assuming that everything above 1400x1050 was incorrect, which was wrong, as the optimal mode for my screen was 1600x1200.
Until 96xx, the nvidia driver was defaulting to 1600x1200 if it was the only mode specified, though it left a black bar on the right edge of the screen. Since 96xx, any attempt to display anything above 1400x1050 was resulting in a black screen or in display corruption, even with EDID disabled.
The issue is that with the new drivers and with the toshiba vbios, my 440Go is unable to get the correct EDID from my monitor.
The work around was using a custom EDID and to force it with my monitor.

The edid is in this thread (bottom on the page, post by kelvin):
Then add to the Device Section:

Option "CustomEDID" "DFP-0:/etc/X11/nvnew.raw"

assuming you called the file nvnew.raw and placed it in /etc/X11 .

The the card displayed everything right, 1600x1200 and no black bar.

My current issue, now is 3D acceleration performance. When I launch glxgears, I get an overall 1300+ FPS. But every 5 seconds or so, the gears seem to stutter for about 1 second, then go back to normal fluidity. I doesn't seem to be related to the FPS display in the terminal, since Penguin Racer has the same issue, but at a different frequency (every 20sec or so). It's quite annoying, and I couldn't figure out why it was doing this. It's not a matter of resolution either, it does the same in 640x480...

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