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Unhappy 1.0-9629 + GeForce 4 no worky

My drivers went

I was goofing around with my box (always a bad idea) and reinstalled Debian Etch from scratch. I pulled in the nVidia driver 1.0-9629, and things went bad. X still starts fine, but OpenGL apps fail. OpenGL screensavers in KDE show up blank, crack-attack starts but won't launch new games, and glx-gears segfaults (!). I pulled the driver, and tried the legacy driver (1.0-7184), and it works fine, though it's clunky.

This is a GeForce 4--it shouldn't *need* the legacy driver, and in the past always worked fine with the most recent driver.

I'm running Debian/Etch with Xorg 7.1.0-7, and kernel 2.6.17-2-k7.

If someone could just point me at the right links to download a slightly older driver in the 9xxx or 8xxx series, I would be happy. OTOH, if there's any devs reading this, what additional information would I need to file a bug report on this? Alternatively, what retarded mistake could I be making here?


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