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Default Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky

Try to build the package from instead of pulling in your distro's binary. It told me my MX440 was "unsupported"

And < 1.0-96.26 will not build on kernel > 2.6.18, which means...

Fedora Core 6 and MX440 don't mix!

And before anyone tells me that the 1.0-96.29 distro binary "works" I will tell them that it's not supported and not to report any bugs with this card-driver-kernel combo. There are missing textures in games also, and some thread locking. The alternative, nvidia-legacy binary, fails to load GLX. The only current "bug-free" way I know of to use this card on Fedora 6 is by using the open-source "nv" driver, in all its indirect rendering glory. Enjoy!

Would this be a bad time to suggest open-sourcing GLX for these older cards?

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