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Default Re: F.E.A.R Benchmarks Results

well this bis what i got without soft shadows otherwise the same settings as you have.

all i do is disable my NIC no internet

off with FW antivirus
and then i get up the taskmanager and start shutting down processes to get it to as low as possible.

then i benchmark games 3DMark aquamark and so on

here is a honest 96.98 bench

ill do one with say 92.91s

i have AA AF in CP set to application controlled

otherwise everything is set to max quality in CP

in game settings are
4xFSAA 4x AF
otherwisse maxed out that is 1280x1024 computer maximum

not too bad ?
Intel I7 920
gigabyte HD6970 2gb
Asus P6t deluxe V2

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