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Default Re: nforce 550 sata support hotplug??

Originally Posted by Ironi
Hmm. Email Jeff Garzik and ask him to clarify what falls under "Newer NVIDIA chipsets". There might be a good reason why MCP55 SATA isn't supported by the ahci driver, even if the controller is compliant with the AHCI spec.
MCP5x is simply not AHCI compatible. Only the upcoming MCP6x chipsets have AHCI

Originally Posted by Ironi
This appears to be the latest version, but I could be wrong.
This is correct, but these patches don't apply to 2.6.18 because they depend on a bunch of other stuff.

Luckily for us, Tejun Ho has backported almost all of his patches to 2.6.18 and you can download his patch set here:

This set includes the hotplug polling functionality.

Hope that helps.
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