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Default Re: MMORPG Recommendation Please - Quite Long

Originally Posted by MalakithSkadi
NWN2 - Got it, linear, unbalanced, pile a ****. My "Bow" ranger does more damage in melee then with his bow... and yes i have built it properly iv played enough D&D to know.

EQ2 - As stated, 6 million expansions, difficulty leveling due to the stage of the game. And in the end offers bugger all new compared to other games out there other then "looks pretty" unless you can correct me.

Looks like Hellgate: London is my only chance for happyness in the foreseable future as people iv heard from reliable sources that Vanguard has jumped on the SOE money train. Not that im surprised, if it has SOE or UBI on the box its 95% gurenteed to have something wrong with it or soon will have. EA arnt normally much better.
Wrong wrong wrong....They only thing sony has to do with Vanguard is the servers/billing/marketing. They have ZERO controle over content at this time. "But what if SOE buy Sigil" you say? This is my worry also, but for now, Sony is not influencing the game at all...

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