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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

hardware: dell xps m1210 core 2 duo
vcard: go 7400
kernel: gentoo-sources-2.6.18-r3, smp
driver: 9629

using latest hibernate scripts from portage

- standby not tested: i don't care about it.

- suspend to ram works (with some 'sleep 1' added right before suspend & after resume, and switchtovt). it was deadlocked on resume with 2.6.17.

- suspend to disk (swsusp|suspend2) works without x started, fails with x started (even from a vt)
same symptom for both methods. I have a working asus w7j (~same hardware but a core duo)) to compare with, where s2disk (either one) works. when going to s2disk, the screen flashes off-on briefly (like a resolution switch), then suspend goes on. at the same point on the xps, the screen flashes off but never comes back on: computer is deadlocked. sometimes it reboots by itself, others I have to manually power off the hard way.
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