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Default Sytem freeze

I have some problem with system freeze with Xorg and gnome... It has began week ago or so...So my system is freezing randomly...when it lock-up depends on CPU usage mostly....sometimes when I'm compiling ports while watching DVD and making some stuff with KDevelop or sometimes only when listening XMMS and compiling some ports...I can move with mouse but keyboard has no response, so do mouse buttons... The only message I have in /var/log/messages when system lock-up is
Nov 25 23:06:20 pentium4 kernel: NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 6, PE0000 1f80 807e8080 0000fbb4 80817f80 00350010
The numbers after "PE" are different everytime system lock-up.

I'm using FreeBSD 6.1 release, Pentium4 2.4GHz, GeForce Fx5600, Xorg 6.9, Gnome 2.16, nvidia-driver-1.0.8776


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