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Unhappy Re: 6.1-Stable Freeze with 6600GT

Just a "me too". 6600GT with FreeBSD 5.4. Asus A8V Deluxe and Athlon x2 processor.

I have no interrupt clashes that I can see and lockups appear to happen after heavy ethernet activity on onboard sk0 interface.

Same graphics card ran in same model motherboard (different physical board with older BIO is that matters) with single core AMD 64 for over a year, but also with older drivers, with no such problems. Now with dual-core and SMP kernel, lockups are daily.

Lockups happened with 8776 and now 9629.

(In fact, the machine does not completely lock up, and if I am lucky I can exit X with ctl-alt-backspace. The jobs causing the heavy interrupt load do run to completion. But I cannot connect to the machine and cannot restart X after quitting - needs a reboot. Complains about not recieving interrupts).

If there's any information I can provide, just let me know.

Am about to try downgrading back to 8178 to see if it helps - clutching at straws!
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