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Default Re: Optimal PAL Video Out

I'm using this mode 1366x768 LCD television

Originally Posted by openmedia
1280x720_50 using over DVI->HDMI
What is the best quality de-interlacer achievable with xine xxmc driver and how is that activated from xine command line?

I might have been able to activate bob deinterlacer but I'm not happy with the result compared to e.g. tvtime GreedyH software interlacer. I still see some jagged lines and blurred motion. Is the result with Windows pure video drivers better or is bob deinterlacer used there as well?

I'm looking for HW solution because my CPU is not powerful enough to both decode MPEG-2 and properly deinterlace 1080i that (unfortunately... 720p would be superior) is transmitted in the European FTA HDTV promo channels.
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