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I sure hope this is soon, as I have a lot of time and money wrapped up now in a PC that wont do what I was wanting it to.

I dont want to flame, but you would think that released mainboard chipset drivers would include support for something like AGP

Im sitting here with a MSI K7N2 Nforce 2 mainboard, and a ATI Radeon 8500LE that is effectively crippled now because of the lack of AGP support. And what I want to do requires working DRI support and thats not gonna happen with this setup unless I use only an Nvidia GPU? Not acceptable.

Im not sure why Nvidia chose to wrap up their AGP suport within their drivers but it doesnt bode well for non-Nvidia GPU owners. I can only hope they dont allow this problem to continue with their Nforce3 drivers.

Providiing Nvidia optimized solutions is one thing but shutting off entire avenues of functionality for those that dont go 100% Nvidia is not so hot.
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