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Default Re: How does the CDkey/account work in WoW?

Yup, cdkeys are tied to the account and not only that. You cant change the first and last name. This is extremely important because I had to call Blizzard one day and they requested a bunch of information just so i can confirm it was me. I didnt know my information by heart so they asked me to call back when i had all the information. This was pretty funny since It was my own account! I guess this is a good thing cause it protects your account from hackers or whatever. BTW if your account gets hacked, one of the questions they might ask you is the CDKEY # and some previous billing information.

Thats why some people get ripped off on ebay because of this, they sell their accounts and then call Blizzard to change password. Plus, if you want to transfer characters to different accounts you must have the same last name to do so.

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