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Default got my 680i and e6600...sum overclocking questions..

just built my new system...and far I'm blown away, becuase:

My evga 680i mobo and my E6600 and my 2 gig Dominator 6400 ram are installed along with my lapped Tuniq Tower...idles around 27 and max so far is 33....more testing needs to be done, but so far, great temps! amazing.

So far i am able to get my e6600 from 2.4 to 3.0 on stock Vcore. In cpu-Z it says I'm doing 11:13 ratio..and when I up the FSB in the bios...I notice that the RAM will go up to 800 then back down to 789 or so..even though I increase my FSB. So I'm assuming that theres a divider involved here.

there is no way in hell that my e6600 is at 3.0 on stock Vcore and my ram at the stock 2.1 VDIMM...and its only DDR2 6400.

What am i doing wrong? I do not believe what I'm seeing thus far. Its stable to...Running PIE has no problems and so far the Nvidia stress test is running perfect. Haven't done PRIME95 yet.

what am i doing wrong. Its best to do a 1:1 ratio right? and tighter timmings don't matter with the intel chips right? and there is no such thing as 1T with intel right?

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