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Default system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers

i set up a new system using kubuntu 6.10,a gainward 7800gs on a tyan dual mainboard and 1G corsair ddr. i used the 9629 drivers and the whole system froze when stopping the X server, starting any fullscreen opengl app and when running windowed opengl apps for a while. after downgrading to kubuntu 6.06.1 the problem still persisted. so i installed the new betadrivers 9742. now the system is somewhat stable, but gives me a MCE exactly every 5 mins, but not always. it still freezes when running opengl applications. enemy territory and quake3 did not crash till now, but doom3 crashes after about a half our of gaming in maximum detail, most of the times when hitting a savepoint or something like that. quake4 freezes after about 15 minutes of gaming in high detail and freezes everytime when the first map is loaded after the intro if i switch to ultrahighdetail.
specview 9 freezes after about 5 minutes.
i monitored voltages and temperatures but all of that is ok. if i dont start gl stuff the system runs without freezing (tested 24 hours). the more detail and textures the game/application uses, the faster comes the freeze.
the screen does not turn black, it just stays with the last viewed frame, sound hangs with the same second of noise without a change from that moment on.

i am using the latest bios for my mainboard, the drivers were installed in a clean enviroment without concurring drivers. the xorg.conf is a known-good one.

can anyone help me point out where exactly the problem lies?
is there a an older driver-version that might not produce this freezes?
is there a way to find out what MCE is happing every 5 minutes, or what produces it?


tried disabling FW in bios
tried fiddling aperature size in bios
tried switching apg-mode in bios
nothing interesting logged but those MCEs
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