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Default Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers

first off thank you both for your quick answer, as i a am kind of desperate i appreciate that.
i tried not loading the dri modules earlier, without success. removed that line again now but doesnt help now either.
a mem problem sounded plausible, i ran a few runs memtest86. it seems that the ECC on one the memory is either defect or incompatible with that mainboard. it gave out like 50 ECC errors a sec. but no "real" mem errors. so i disabled ECC in the bios, now memtest ran as i expected completly without errors. this removed the MCEs appearing every 5mins and strangely improved loading performance, but the freeze problem still is there.
so i set the NvAGP to "0" with the effect that quake4 ran with about 60-70% frames less, but it frooze at exactly the same point it always does is use the same settings. about 30s after the intro started, or the moment i skip the intro.
i searched all the logs again, but to no avail, theres nothing what looks strange.
ill make a new bugreport right now, with NvAGP set to "0", maybe that helps.
im pretty much out of ideas. i dont think its a mem prob, as i can completly use it with non gl progs.
for infos sake i tried more games and stuff, everything gl behaves like quake4, the less detail and textures the longer it lasts. i was able to play a large q3 deathmatch for hours, without any heatups, voltagedrops or so.
could the gpu be faulty? i mean, i dont think so as it is nearly new and hasnt been really used yet. the mb is new, the psu too.
got more ideas? im eager to try them.
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