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Default Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers

The basic reason for targeting the memory, is because the new system I put together. Suffered the same symptoms as your describing when you are running games. (Using the drivers 3D mode).. I would go and run Doom3 or Prey, and they would hard lock the system. (And usually in the same place, and regardless of which version of the Nvidia Driver I used. Plus I even went as far as replacing the Video card to a different Nvidia model, and the system still hard locked or rebooted) After alot of investigation, I found that the new motherboard, didn't detect the memory timings and memory voltage (SPD) correctly. After setting all the memory timings and memory voltage up manually, the system is now rock solid. This may not apply to you, but it's worth investigating.. Especially, when your memory fails when ECC is enabled.. I ran the memtest86 on my older systems (I now use as game servers), and they pass the memory test while the ECC is enabled.. (The only thing I don't like with enabling the ECC, is that it takes too long to boot from cold start. Specially with 3GB's of RAM installed)..

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