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Everybody who stumbles on this, by all means do heed netllama's warning - he's the one that knows stuff anyway, we are just guessing. So, what I say below should not matter to you unless you are willing to risk the health of your graphics adapter

However, I don't agree that the "trick" is specific to the model of notebook. This "trick" is the exact same that is present in the Windows drivers for Geforce Go 7 series, here:

That page also lists the Notebook Manufacturers that are supported by the Windows driver. So, if your notebook is listed there, there's a better chance of this fix actually making a difference.

But, to be honest, there are three registry keys that are specific to the Geforce Go 7 series drivers - and the one I gave was only one of them, which did the trick for me - adding the other two is probably a reasonable idea if you want to be as close to the Windows version as possible. I will probably test those as well (and also to enabling PowerMizer features later on).
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