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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Actually that is about what the game does look like for me ! I just wish I was getting a consistent 20-30fps, most of the time it hovers there but at certain points it just dive bombs and removes the feelings of realism.

1920x1200 -- 2X FSAA -- AF 16x

My system at current is Crossfire X1900XTX OCed, Pentium D @ 4ghz, 4GB DDR2.

However, my younger brother just got a new Core 2 Duo rig, with a 7950 GX2, and it runs really nice for him, so this game is deffiantely a CPU hog.

I really love the game, I'm playing it with a Logitech force feedback joystick, but knowing that it brings my system to its knees I shudder to think what it must play like on older systems.... The reccomended system specs are a complete joke
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