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Default Re: Gainward Geforce FX 5800 Ultra

Originally posted by Badash
Well I just got 2 of these and they have the reference FX flow fan and heatsink on them, not the HSF you've seen in reviews. They are OEM cards. One came bundled in a large rectangular styrofoam with gainward tape all over it. So they will be the exact same noise as the rest. Is the reference fan a 50mm or 60mm? There is a panaflo that should easily swap with the ystech that's 28db that should also keep it colder. I'll post the details of the replacement fan when I find out the MM on the ystech. Thanks nrdstrm for the heads up on the loc of one of them.
tell us more!

does your experience have a fan of this type that may be upgradeable or replaced?

(btw - if you dont have the opaque and flimsier cooler shroud, then you dont have the original reference model that everyone bitched about. theres a newer revision that the higher-end mfrs are using (most definitely gainward. my asus has it) that has a clear, much stronger and redesigned version of the same flowFX system .)

im actually stoked on the cooling and see alot of possibilities for a fun summer of cooling solutions to try out. probably get something like the gainward solution and check that out for it, prolly try the water-cooled solution. theres a thermaltake fan-less solution that they claim is tested with the nv30! so i see the flowFX as a nice perk on this card (i also havent had room for a PCI card in the first slot ever due to always having better cooling on my GPU and frankly not one post-440BX motherboard i know of supports using the first PCI slot if the AGP slot is used.)
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