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Default Toshiba Satellite + Redhat 9 + nVidia Geoforce 4


I just did a Redhat 9 install on my Toshiba Satellite 2415-S205 this week. This laptop has nVidia GeoForece4 420 graphics. Yesterday I downloaded the nVidia drivers from the nVidia website and installed them. The install process was smooth, and everything actually works... it just doesn't look all that pretty.

I can only get 800x600 resolution, it looks a bit blurry, and there is a big black strip down the right side of the screen.

After doing some Google searches, I found a webpage that suggested that I edit the os-registry.c file making the following two changes...

NVreg_SoftEDID = 0;
NVreg_Mobile = 2;

... and then compile the driver.

1. Can anyone tell me if my problem is a known issue and should I make the suggested changes and if so...
2. How do I compile the driver after making these changes

Any help is appreciated. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm kinda new to this

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