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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Originally Posted by icecold1983
is that with all sliders maxed? still doesnt look like the screens microsoft released, the lighting/texturing in microsofts screens is on a different level.

Something important to note though is that the MS screens you posted are all taken from a much higher altitude than his screen shot. That makes a BIG difference IMO, the landscapes / city scapes begin to look much better once you reach a certain alititude. I see what you are saying about the lighting though, but the one with the lens flare and shiny water / building is possible in game I can assure you. The one with the mountain range casting shadows on itself, there is a special checkbox you need to enable for that, which takes a big performance hit and is disabled by default. I don't think anyone will dispute that it will be a while before most of us are truly able to fully appriciate and use this great simulator, due to current hardware constraints.
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