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Originally posted by Typedef Enum
That's funny...I just read HardOCP's review of the 9800 Pro yesterday...which, all we all know, ain't that much faster than the 9700...and it completely trashed the FX in every significant metric.

I'm sorry, but the way you phrased it (above) would make one think you worked for the Iraqi Information ministry.
well i don';t know about you but from what i have seen they got really strange results, and lets not forget about drivers...
first i want to see a "new" official version (meaning detonators5) and then judge the card when it's using its true potential...

Btw i know'll say:"yeah yeah another Nvidiot"...
but as i said we'll just wait and see..
P.S. i think that when the new det will be out nvidia
5800U = +- ATI's 9800 & 5600U = +- ATI's 9600pro. (overall)
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