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Default Re: Need for Speed Carbon Benchmarks

Originally Posted by ASUSEN7900GTX

16xAF 8sxAA

all game video settings maxed

Frames Time (ms) Min, Max, Average
5352, 162119, 19, 50, 33.013

well iŽll give you more when i install drivers to see wich works best

my rig A64 3700+
GF7900GTX 512MB
1GB ram
Thanks for the benchmarks. Would you mind doing another one for me? Use the fourth quick race track (dover and lepus) with No AA, Triliner Filtering, and Motoin Blur OFF to see how fast the 7900GTX will go without AA, AF, and Motion Blur. That's what I'm running now and I would like to see how well your 7900GTX does running like that with everything maxed but those settings. Thanks for your help
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