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Default Re: Geforece Go 7600 fan problem

Well you came to pretty much the same conclusions as i did. I tried to change VFAN part of DSDT, but with no success. I even studied the MAX 6659, but i then realized that nvidia driver on windows turns the fan on. If i only knew what nvidia (modified by toshiba) does to turn fan on. WIth that information i would be able to write a driver for graphics fan activation.
It happened once that GPU fan ran all the time at low speed, and i must say that it was pleasant because i didnt have bursts at high speed when temp reaches 60C. At that time i was able to use linux without a problem. But all at the sudden everything went back as it was before. If toshiba would give this option in bios (low fan speed all the time) we would be able to use linux. And i agree, toshiba should give some minimum specification how to turn fans......everything else would be done by linux community.
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