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Cool new nforce driver!! 1.12!!

Hi All!!

this driver is beta an unofficial. It has been "discovered" on nvidia ftp/http dowload sites 2 days ago by someone in the nforcersHQ forum.

As soon as nvidia saw the unusual traffic on their site, they pulled it off, but not before some ppl mirrored it. You can find a link to the mirrors on the MSI board. The thread is a sticky.

This new driver is what all nforce owners were waiting for:
- Equalizers (9 bands)
- simulated center and LFE channels on stereo sources.
- premix equilizers.
- help and tutorial to choose right config (a bit light)
- cool graph/viewbars
- effects and environments (on midi AND wave)
- configurable application panel

This driver just kicks ass!!

So, any nforce owner, make yourself a favor and DL this driver!!
You wont regret it! (some report of failure have appeared, still, be careful).

I hope they release an even better official version son

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